Case study: St. Ignatius Academy, Enfield, London

Client details

Last August, generationJuice had the opportunity to work with IFG to improve the drinks offer in one of their new 1,200 student secondary school contracts. IFG is a brilliant contract caterer and at the heart of their ‘Innovate’ brand is the focus on offering choice, flexibility, quality and speed.

The secondary school where we installed the Drinks Hub is eco-focused and they wanted no selling of single use plastic bottles. They were also keen to improve their existing Kilner Jar and fruit infused water offer because uptake was low, students complained they were not getting value for money and often the jars were empty.

This is what the Regional Operations Director said “The solution needed to be as quick as grabbing a bottle from the fridge. It needed to be value for money, fully school compliant, and not rely on single use plastic bottles. The price needed to rival bottled products, with great taste so customers wanted to buy again and again. Space is at a premium, so the solution needed to be versatile, work within tight confines and be able to operate without mains water if needed.

The quality of generationJuice product and the feedback from trials was fantastic. Students love the different flavour combinations and the choices available are amazing and so easy to swap and change. It provides value for money with flexibility to offer different portion sizes at different selling prices. Speed of dispense is excellent and it easily keeps up with demand without additional queuing during the precious lunch time break. generationJuice has also a Covid secure solution, that does not have any touch points, and this has helped us better manage our resources without always wiping the touchpoints down between users.

generationJuice have enabled us to rise to the challenge of getting rid of single use plastic bottles whilst still offering a professional way of delivering a great product to the customer. Not only has it helped daily drink sales but also each drink with a reusable bottle is reducing our carbon footprint and giving back a little something to this world.

The student voice is so powerful now and to work with them in leading the way with a solution that ticked all the boxes was the best feeling. Less queuing, no touch points, a huge range of flavours, great value for money and no single use plastics.

Having the generationJuice Managing Director help dispense 100s of drinks for our thirsty students one busy lunchtime was a very positive experience. It demonstrated how they are really committed to knowing their customers and caterers and understanding the needs and challenges we face. This has helped evolve our offer and we now accept tokens, so the Drink stations can be placed anywhere around the school. generationJuice are also working with our cashless providers so that drinks will be dispensed via biometrics, which will be fantastic.

This generationJuice offer is recommended as it will get away from using single use plastic bottles but without compromising on quality and choice.”

Jaime Gardener, Regional Operations Director, Impact Food Group

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We do not unnecessarily transport drinks around the world.

Our award-winning Drinks Hub puts a stop to pointless use of plastic bottles, cans & cartons that end up in landfill, incinerators or our precious oceans.

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