Our mission is sustainable hydration
for schools

With no plastic bottle and can waste.

Using patented hydration technology and natural delicious and juicy fruit concentrates,
we mix locally sourced, filtered & chilled water directly into your reusable bottle or container.

Need for change

generationJuice was born out of the need for change. In the UK each one of us on average uses 6 plastic bottles every week.

The Drinks Hub removes plastic & cans

Compact and fast, the multi-mixing Hub offers a huge choice of drinks with zero plastic or can waste.

End to landfill

46% of the bottles still end up being landfilled, burnt or littered in land or sea.

How it works

One box of our concentrated juice is 60% smaller than 24 x 330ml plastic bottles, but makes 272 x 330ml portions into reusable bottles.

We massively cut transport, storage, lifting, order, operational time & cost.

Students enjoy using
the Drinks Hub

It stores, chills, and freshly makes drinks when selected from the touch screen app menu. All served into reusable bottles or containers. It’s queue-buster fast and peak demand’s a breeze. Water can be portable and great point of sale, mobile cabinet, payment and touch free module options all help drive sales up.
Student using Drinks Hub

Over 92 school-compliant drink choices, plus special Limited Edition drinks, drives student (and staff!) engagement.

So much choice, but no more stock lines to carry; that’s the beauty of our multi-mix technology. Using student-approved base purees and concentrates, there are almost 100 recipes pre-loaded for their delight. Carefully blended on demand, they create exciting and enticing multi-fruit drinks. Mango Cherry or Mega 7-Juice Boost, anyone?

Increasing enjoyment and repeat sales by personalising your drinks menu.

Choose any 3 of our base juice purees and concentrates, which will then multi-mix into many drinks. You select which drinks you want to display—it is tick box simple! Change at any time to stimulate sales and stop menu fatigue.

Our customers say

“Quality & popularity”

"...reduce the Trust's carbon footprint"


“Students are much happier”

"...a really positive experience"



“...value for money... fully school compliant... students buy again & again"



“I would recommend generationJuice to anyone"