Healthy sustainable hydration at last

Packed with taste, none of the waste.

Plastic and cans are not good for our planet’s health! Instead, provide staff, visitors & patients healthy, natural hydration, any time of day. Use glasses, reusable bottles or compostable cups.

Need for change

generationJuice was born out of the need for change. In the UK each one of us on average uses 6 plastic bottles every week.

End to landfill

46% of the bottles still end up being landfilled, burnt or littered in land or sea.

No plastic pollution

While 86% of us are concerned about disposable/non-recyclable products, 76% feel not enough is being done about plastic pollution.

How it works

One box of our concentrated juice is 60% smaller than 24 x 330ml plastic bottles, but makes 272 x 330ml portions into reusable bottles.

We massively cut transport, storage, lifting, order, operational time & cost.

Re-thinking drinking

We understand the need for hydration. And you understand the problems with bottled and canned drinks; storage, chilling, and all that waste. Offer a modern hydration option, always deliciously chilled, with our low-sugar lights range. All made from real juice, ready to be served into staff’s own re-usable bottles, or compostable cups or glasses for all. Taste without the waste.

Over 57 Low Sugar Light, natural, on-trend drinks thanks to our unique multi-mixing. All drinks are crafted with immune boosting vitamins, minerals and botanicals.

So much choice, but no more stock lines to carry; that’s the beauty of our multi-mix technology. Using our fruity base purees and concentrates, the recipes are pre-loaded for you to change at-will, offering continued variety for your customers. Carefully blended on demand, they create sophisticated, modern drinks with a fruity twist, like Lemon & Mint Pressé or Crushed Rose Pear.

Your Drinks Hub comes with exciting point of sale too, to help drive sales and encourage customer engagement.

The great variety of healthy hydration from just a few stock lines is perfect for staff and long term visitors. Shout about your fresh—and healthy—offer!