The Drinks Hub

Our multi-award winning Drinks Hub has been designed and manufactured right here in the UK, by a team with bags of experience in drinks’ dispense. Their depth of knowledge & extensive expertise resulted in the modern, clean and always precise Drinks Hub.

It delivers a market 1st step-change in drinks dispense. In taste, enjoyment and over all experience, the Drinks Hub is sure to refresh, inspire & impress.

Take a look at some of its highlights below. See just how versatile & impressive it is, and how our Drinks Hub can help you offer smarter, cleaner, greener hydration for your customers.


The Hydration Station can be housed on a portable cabinet, individually or compactly grouped together.  These cabinets can enclose the portable water supply, whilst offering plenty of space for our eye-catching marketing and branding to help drive sales.

100% Anti-contamination

100% touch-free, ultra hygienic dispense thanks to our unique AirFrame – simply tap the air!Anti-viral, safe dispensing.


Cashless integration

The Hydration Station can connect to cashless/biometric payment devices, allowing it to be sited away from congestion areas like till points.  

Token pods are also available, with one token = one drink, in two sizes if required.

Powerful time saver

Front or Back of house, portion control, free flow, jugs, glasses, bottles,
usable bottles… high or low volume.

Precisely does it

Revolutionary, exacting, patented technology impresses your customers with in-cup consistency every time.

Drive Customer Engagement

Mix it up with impressively delicious taste and choice.  Presses, lights, mocktails, juices and juice drinks prevent menu fatigue and keep your offer fresh, all from just a few SKUs.

Waste Buster

Keep choices plenty, not empty, with low-level warnings and bag-empty cut out.
Guarantee perfect juices flowing, all the

Always fresh, always clean

Banish bacteria and keep dispense area clean & professional with auto-flush. Drip bowls and splash zone are dishwasher safe, and all juice contact points are replaced with each new fill​.

Built to last, with experience

Over 40 years’ experience ensures optimum design & functionality in a sleek and powerful unit.  Filtered water & advanced technology provide fresh superior drinks at the touch of our screen.

Never out of action

24/7 service, nationwide. We pride ourselves on our customer service.

ZERO Plastic Waste

We contribute to and support marine conservation; Ocean Generation and The Marine Conservation Society.


Single Use Plastic


Your reusable bottle



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