Our circular economy

We’ve got two really big issues; plastic pollution and climate change so we want to cut out plastic waste and slash our climate impact. So far we’re at 97% and we’re working on the rest.

We use reusable bottles

We don’t want to use billions of plastic bottles (or cans). Nearly half get remanufactured into more plastic and the other half get littered, burnt (yuk!) or landfilled.

Either way = MORE plastic, MORE pollution, MORE climate change.

Our approach

Our approach is to respect mother earth. We don’t globetrot water bottles around the planet. Any 3 of our small juice packs simply slot into the Drinks Hub, delivering up to 18 times more drinks by volume than plastic bottles (or cans). Our packs can be widely recycled, or we collect, recycle and reuse—without cost to you!

Our Vision 

To be the unquestionable supplier of choice in juice-based drinks dispense.

ZERO Plastic Waste

We contribute to and support marine conservation; Ocean Generation and The Marine Conservation Society.


Single Use Plastic


Your reusable bottle



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